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OnPoint Business Solutions, Inc., is a New York City firm firm specializing in professional tax and accounting services for small business owners, startups and freelancers. We help support your financial goals by offering solutions to reduce taxes, maximize profit and comply with the latest regulations.  Using the current laws combined with modern technology we offer cost effective options that put you in control of your financial success. 

Whether you need tax returns filed, IRS audit representation or tax problems resolved, our experienced professionals are ready to meet your needs.

Our firm's accountants are highly skilled in managing various types of businesses and for this reason we can design a customized solution for maximum savings and increased cash flow. Let our New York, NY accountants help you find more ways to reduce costs with intelligent solutions designed with the small business owner in mind. Contact our office for help with your questions or issues and discover a New York, NY tax firm that provides top-quality business tax services at reasonable rates

NYC Accountant specializing in business taxes

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What Challenges Do You Face?

"My accounting is a mess...I don't even know how much money I made"

We'll clean up your books so you can have an accurate and up-to-date financial reports ready for tax time. 

"Help....I found errors on my tax return"

If you discovered erroneous information reported on your tax return, we can help revise and re-submit your tax returns. Contact our New York, NY accountant today.

"IRS is levying my bank account. How can I stop it?"

A bank levy or a lien is a serious concern to any business. We can help remove them so you can resume control of your finances. 

"I am a startup and have no idea about managing my finances. I need help"

We can offer affordable solutions specifically designed for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. 

Best New York, NY Accountant and Business Adviser

If you are looking for tax professionals who understand business and care about your success as much as you do, call OnPoint Business Solutions Inc. Let our knowledgeable accountant show you more ways to cut taxes and maximize profit.

OnPoint Business Solutions Inc. is a full-service firm staffed by experienced New York, NY accountants specializing in tax preparation for businesses, tax audit resolution and IRS debt relief.