Milla Liberson MBA EA is one of the best rated accountants in New York City. She looks beyond the numbers to help clients discover ways to minimize taxes and maximize profits. With 20+ years experience in finance and entrepreneurial accounting industry she can help design pro-active solutions that will work for you and not against you.


Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner

Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner

Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner


"I've been using OnPoint Solutions for the past few years. Their service is excellent. They are responsive to my questions and very professional. Milla handled all my tax and bookkeeping flawlessly. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who needs good tax and accounting service. Also their fees are much more reasonable than others in the area. 

CJ - Attorney

Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner

Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner


"Best in the business! Milla made tax filing this season super easy. She answered all my questions and made sure I captured all the business deductions, which, for years were being missed or just omitted by my old accountant. So I took a plunge switching accountants because I've been with the other one for many years, but all I can say is I should have done it sooner....I would gladly recommend OnPoint to anyone looking for a local business accountant."  

Leigh, Builder

Doug - Cafe and Bar Owner

Gabriel, IT Consultant


"I worked with Milla for over 7 years. Her expert advice and patience has been the key for my sanity and also my company's steady growth." 


Gabriel, IT Consultant

Gabriel, IT Consultant

Gabriel, IT Consultant


"When I first contacted OnPoint it was mostly for help with our Quickbooks. Once we setup the software, I came back for tax help. Since starting work with this firm, I can only say that their staff is super professional and their technical expertise is obviously high. I highly recommend this firm to other startups. " 

Jazmine, Makeup Artist

Gabriel, IT Consultant

Jazmine, Makeup Artist


"OnPoint helped me resolve a huge accounting and tax mess...They are great!" 

Lauren - Dentist

Gabriel, IT Consultant

Jazmine, Makeup Artist


She made the stress of doing my taxes so much easier than my prior accountant.. She addressed all  my questions and concerns and made sure I filed my taxes on time. I would absolutely 100% recommend her to other self-employed people.  

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Top notch service

"Working with Milla is always a great experience. She is patient, knowledgeable and very resourceful. Her firm is managed personally by her and I can see how hands on she is with my firm so I can only assume she is just as caring with others'. I would gladly recommend her firm to anyone looking for a personable and knowledgeable accountant." Steve, Web Developer and Digital Advertiser

Yeah! Bigger refund

 "I came to OnPoint to do my taxes and was able to get a higher refund than from our old cpa. Rates here are reasonable and for the first time in years, getting my taxes done wasn't a stressful experience. Thank you, I'll be back next season!. Matt- Owner of multiple restaurants and a night club 

Milla is a true professional

"Her commitment to the welfare of my company has been unwavering. She is always available for me and diligently addresses my questions, no matter how small. I've used other accountants in the past, but since working with Milla's firm I can say that nobody can match her expertise or customer service". Kevin, Therapist LCSW 

Taxes done right

 "As an attorney I knew very little about finances. Without knowing enough about running a business, I decided to venture into the world of the small business owner. The first two years were difficult, especially since my finances were all over the place. Nothing made sense and at tax time, my accountant actually fired me. So I reluctantly searched the internet for another one. My search ended quickly when I called OnPoint. I spoke directly with the owner who assured me that they'll take care of everything and make sure my taxes will be filed on time. I hesitated at such an optimism but decided to put my trust into Milla's promise. That was 4  years ago and I can honestly say that it was the smartest decision I made. She is always full of practical advice and her commitment to my firm has been uncompromising. She always takes my questions seriously and never undermines my concerns. Milla is the best accountant I have ever worked with. I gladly refer her to others."  Michael, Matrimonial Attorney 


Success Story

Andrea K. - An Architect's Design For Success Achievement spotlight on women entrepreneurs

"I opened my architecture firm in 2009 with big hopes and very little knowledge about the challenges of running a business. Although getting work came easy to me, year after year I didn't feel like I was making any progress in my take home income. I enjoyed the freedom of entrepreneurship and loved my clients but not having made the kind of income I envisioned started to crack my self confidence about continuing with my business.

So I made a deal with myself; I gave myself exactly one year to either make it or walk away from the business entirely. Looking back now, I realize that that decision was by some miracle a defining moment for me and the company. . .....Fast forward to June of 2012. I attended a women's entrepreneurial discussion where I struck up a conversation with Milla, who was one of the presenters discussion QuickBooks software. During a break I approached her with my interest that she help me with this program. So the conversation progressed to other areas about my company and I confided in her about my deal to either make it or close the business by year's end. .... Without hesitating I asked for an appointment so I could meet with her and get help turning my business around. I remember coming to her office which for some reason made me feel calm and comfortable. She approached the discussion asking me too many questions, which I now realize were the questions I should have been asking myself long before that meeting, and after what felt like a therapeutic business session I went home to work on the homework she gave me.

I would be lying if I said it was fun but it was definitely  an eye opener! I continued to meet with her and follow her suggestions, realizing that her experience was so much broader than I originally assumed. ......It's been 5 years since that meeting and I can say that my company has reached my envisioned milestones;  We tripled our income, doubled our employee size, outgrew our old locations and learned how to manage finances so our bottom line meets my projections. And honestly, I owe a lot of gratitude to Milla and her patience while trying to teach a financially clueless architect what it takes to run a business. 

In Summary

What I learned from my business journey is that no matter how talented or gifted you think you are, this doesn't qualify you to run a business. If you decide to enter the crazy world of self employment you better first educate yourself about business management. You either get a degree in it or find an expert who can patiently guide and educate you so you can avoid mistakes and reduce preventable losses. I promise you, if you just start with good business advice you can reach your success so much easier and faster.

"OnPoint is the only firm I trust for my finances!"