Milla Liberson MBA, EA - Founder and CEO of OnPoint Business Solutions Inc.
Transform Your Financial Dreams Into Reality

"You Are In Control"

Milla Liberson MBA, EA is the founder and CEO of OnPoint Business Solutions. I am an accountant, business growth coach, educator and developer of The  3A's Business Success Model. For 15+ years I have been helping women entrepreneurs dramatically increase their success by putting them in control of their own finances. 

Success Through Self-Employment

Unlocking the Power Towards Economic Security and Financial Independence for Female Entrepreneurs

Financial independence and economic prosperity are issues I care about deeply, as a woman and an accountant to many female owned businesses in the metro NYC area. I believe that entrepreneurship can be a valuable gateway to economic prosperity for women of all ages, especially in regions like New York City. In fact, based on the most current statistics, NYC has more women owned businesses than any other city in the world! 

As the founder of OnPoint Business Solutions Inc, my focus is to help women gain financial security through self-employment. My firm offers services that support women who are launching and growing their businesses. One of the biggest benefits our clients receive is a stronger sense of confidence and control over their finances. Whether you struggle with financial disorganization, tax problems or lack of business direction and growth, we can help overcome this. For more information about our firm or to become our client, please contact us Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm. 

NYC accountant and business adviser specializing in women owned businesses. In New York, NY

Milla Liberson MBA, EA - Founder and CEO of OnPoint Business Solutions, Inc.,- NYC Accounting Firm.

Success Is a 3-Step Process

Passion To Profit - Turn What You Love Into A Money Making Venture

Starting a business is exciting! You've got passion and big dreams. You might even imagine becoming famous in the industry. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Statistically,the odds are against you. Approximately 80% of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. Of those who remain, another 65% will close shop within the next 5 years. 

Why such grim statistics? Most researchers site poor sales and financial mismanagement for business failure. But from years of working with startups I have identified a different explanation which I labeled “Misguided Attitude”. This is a personal mindset that prevents you from exercising control and creating intentional outcome. Through my measured observations and analysis I have developed  a formula called The 3A’s Business Success Model. With this model entrepreneurs gain the right level of control that create financial success.

If you're a startup or running a failing business, our 3A's Business Success Model can help transform your dreams into a financial reality.

Milla Liberson - NYC Accountant and Business Adviser Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

Milla Liberson MBA, EA - NYC Accountant, Business Adviser & Educator