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Tax Organizer

Information For Your Tax Return

  • Copies of store receipts for any items purchased in 2017 and donated to a charitable organization, Form 1098-C for a donated automobile, or a qualified appraisal for gifts of valuable property.  
  • Any notices   received from IRS, state, city, or other government tax agency
  • Copies of all Forms W-2 from employers 
  • Copies of all Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, stock sales, retirement distributions, IRA withdrawals, Social Security, SS Income, unemployment, cancellation of debt, gambling winnings, tax refunds, self-employment income, etc. 
  • Copies of all Forms 1098 and any other statements for mortgage  interest/points/insurance, tuition, student loan interest, etc. 
  • Copies of documents on any purchase, refinancing, or sale of home  (HUD-1 statement) 
  • Copies of all K-1's from partnerships, S corporations, trusts, estates, etc.
  • Amount of any prizes, awards, winnings, jury-duty pay, hobby income, etc.
  • Amount of alimony paid or received with name & SS # of related party.
  • Information regarding any sales of property, stocks, bonds,   etc.—including date of sale and price, and purchase date and cost.
  • Amount of interest earned on bank or other accounts for which you did not receive a tax statement.
  • Copy of the annual statement from your child-care provider(s) if you   and your spouse both are working/looking for work/students showing name, address, tax ID number, and amount(s) paid for child care for dependent children up to age 13 or permanently disabled
  • College account statement showing amounts and dates of all charges and payments during the tax year
  • Statements showing amounts of any savings bonds cashed or contributions to/distributions from a QTP, ESA, or 529 plan
  • Statements showing the amounts of Veterans' Benefits or Workers'   Compensation Benefits that you received during the year. NOTE: These are usually not taxable. However, they do count towards the calculations of certain tax deductions.
  • Income of dependent child if it exceeds $950 and includes any interest/dividend/other unearned income (if it does not include unearned   income, only required if earned income exceeds $5,950) 
  • Total amount of out-of-state purchases (made by phone, from catalogs,   on the internet, etc.) on which sales tax was not collected—not including purchases of food, prescription drugs, and newspapers/magazines sent by 2nd class mail. This may not apply to residents of all states. 
  • Certificate and receipts for any energy-efficient home improvements. 
  • Copies of records to prove any charitable contributions. 
  • Bank records (e.g. cancelled check) may support donations under $250.   
  • Donations over $250 require a letter from the charitable organization showing its name and the name of the donor, the date of the contribution, the amount of the contribution,   and proper IRS language. 
  • You must have written records (e.g. mileage log) documenting any miles driven for charity work. Deductions for non-cash contributions must meet   strict documentation requirements. (I don't need this, just make sure you   have it to support your mileage numbers.)
  • Please provide copies of store receipts for any items purchased in 2017 and donated to a charitable organization, Form 1098-C for a donated   automobile, or a qualified appraisal for gifts of valuable property. 
  • Non-cash gifts valued at more than $5,000 require special paperwork.
  • Details of any casualties/thefts you suffered during the year
  • If applicable, a statement declaring the amount and type of any foreign investments (e.g. bank accounts in foreign countries, investments in  foreign countries, etc.)
  • Any other information which you think may be helpful 

Get ready to do your taxes

Please use the tax organizer below to help us prepare your taxes in the most expeditious and accurate manner. 

The information you provide will enable us to maximize your deductions, minimize your taxes and thoroughly comply with the Federal and state laws. Take time to review each item. If you have any questions let us know. 

For optimum efficiency, we request that clients send us all pertinent data in a PDF format. As our office has gone paperless, we will charge a fee for any printed material. We also ask that all emailed information is identified. 

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