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Small Business Tax Services

Tax preparation and tax planning are our specialties. We create intelligent strategies to help cut your taxes, maximize profit and be IRS compliant. Our licensed professionals are experienced NYC accountants who are available year-round to address your tax issues or concerns. Contact our tax professional today!

Tax Firm For Small Business Owners

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As a business owner, you’re busy developing new ideas and making sure your business runs smoothly. You probably don’t have time to reconcile your bank account or generate balance sheets to manage your cash flow, let alone read up on the latest tax laws to find out which tax breaks you can take advantage of. When you first started out, and money was tight, the do-it-yourself method of accounting might have worked just fine. But now that you have employees, need to pay estimated business taxes, and manage your cash flow better, it’s time to find a trusted advisory to partner with all year long-not just at tax time. And, if you’re just starting a business, there’s no better time than now to discuss tax preparation and tax planning strategies that will help you build a foundation for future success. Contact our business accountant today.

Strategies For Maximum Savings!

To find out how our team of experienced tax and accounting professionals can help your small business achieve success call us today or use the contact form below. Our office is conveniently located downtown in New York City, NY and Montclair NJ.  

Best New York NY accountant for tax filing.

Discover why local business owners choose OnPoint for all their tax and accounting needs.

Services For Businesses

Maximum Savings and Tax Compliance


  • Tax preparation for LLC's, Partnerships and Corporations
  • Sales tax compliance for retail establishments
  • Payroll processing for employers and their staff
  • Tax saving strategies offered as part of our annual tax preparation services
  • Profit and loss statements and analysis offered to all our monthly accounting / bookkeeping clients
  • Entity selection and structure advisory for new businesses 
  • Tax Audit assistance
  • Tax relief and tax debt resolutions
  • Unlimited client support is provided to all our clients
  • Business development guidance provided to all our clients
  • Cash management guidance for optimum cash flow is provided to all our clients
  • Coaching for business growth provided to all our clients

Benefits For Your Business...

We don't just prepare taxes. OnPoint is a tax and accounting firm providing comprehensive professional services designed to help clients manage business finances and increase profits. Our services include year-round tax monitoring and year-end tax planning. We are available for calls and in-person meetings, FREE of charge throughout the year. Why do we do this? Because our job is to help clients reach their financial goals quicker and easier. We do this by trying to understand your underlying financial situation and then design a strategy that optimally works to achieve your goals. When you work with OnPoint, you have access to resources from our of experienced business accountants and tax pros. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you manage your taxes and accounting intelligently while guiding you toward your desired financial success.   

Industries We Work With

  • Restaurants / Catering
  • Medical / Dental
  • Chiropractors
  • Law Firms
  • E-Commerce
  • Interior Design
  • Artists / Film Production
  • Real Estate
  • Female Owned Businesses
  • Startups
  • Non Profit
  • Freelancers / Independent Contractors
  • More....


Don't Miss a Tax Deduction or a Deadline Again! The IRS, as well as state and local governments imposes strict deadlines for business tax obligations. Missing these tax deadlines and failing to comply with payroll and sales taxes negatively impacts your bottom line and may result in fines for non-compliance.

As your trusted business accountants, we make sure you stay on top of your tax obligations and avoid penalties and fees that reduce your profitability


Paying Too Much Taxes?

The good news is, there are legitimate ways you can send less money to the IRS.! Cutting taxes isn't difficult as long as you maximize your available deductions. And the sooner you start the more you'll save. Contact our New York, NY accountant and business adviser today!

ProActive Tax and Accounting

Affordable and trusted services for businesses and the self-employed:

  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Bookkeeping Services 
  • Vendor Bill Payments
  • Accounting Clean-up
  • Payroll 
  • Financial Reports 
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Part-time CFO services
  • Business Development 

Mistakes that lead to higher taxes....

Avoid These Tax Traps

  1. Poor accounting / tax advice
  2. Lack of communication with your tax professional
  3. Disorganized accounting records
  4. Taxes prepared yourself, while lacking tax law knowledge
  5. Not using an experienced tax professional
  6. Lack of tax planning throughout the year

Trusted NYC Accountants & Business Advisers

Business Tax and Accounting - OnPoint New Yo

From keeping up with the latest accounting regulations to hiring employees and payroll and tax compliance, managing your business is more complicated than ever. With the right team in place, you’ll have more time to focus on your patients.

While you may already have procedures in place to run your business, chances are you’ve been struggling with the financial side. If so, then maybe it’s time to hire a business accountant from OnPoint, New York, NY. 


Responsive Services for Businesses and Self-Employed Professionals

As a financial partner, we help minimize your business taxes and improve your cash flow.  We also help you craft strategies and plans for the future - whether it’s preserving your cash, planning for succession, conducting a business valuation in preparation for sale, or helping you stay in control of your finances. We don't wait for events to happen, our tax professionals plan strategies that help you be proactive when there are changes in laws, economy or business trends. 

OnPoint Tax & Accounting is New York City's #1 Firm For Dedicated Client Support Throughout The Year. 

Get immediate access to your dedicated business accountant when you need it. 24/7 access to your financial data. Control where your money is going and plan strategies for tax maximum savings and financial security. Schedule your FREE tax consultation today!

Tax and Accounting By New York, NY Accountants and Business Advisers. NYC and NJ Locations

Tax and Accounting By New York, NY Accountants and Business Advisers. NYC and NJ Locations